Things I Like: Billie Razors, The Good Trade, & GLOW

September…September…what’s exciting about September? The most monumental thing so far was a full harvest moon on Friday the 13th (the first one in thirteen years, crazy right?). Also, I missed Elizabeth Warren’s speech in Washington Square Park because I scheduled it for the wrong day on my calendar. Which is one of the few pitfalls of attempted organization—sometimes you end up ignoring the emails telling you that the speech is on Tuesday, NOT Wednesday.

So far, this month has provided plenty of misses and weirdness (I blame it on the full moon). We’re in that awkward, transitional season when some people wear crop tops and high waisted flares to the office and also some of us wear short sleeve turtlenecks (honestly, it’s a vibe). At the same time, it’s also the best time of year when you get to slowly start dusting off your favorite cardigans and lighting apple cinnamon candles. Hot coffee is apropos. You no longer arrive at the office misted in sweat Also, Chelsea boots. Below are some of the things, other than Chelsea boots, getting me through this time of ~transition~.

GLOW Netflix show
GLOW via The Atlantic

On Netflix: GLOW

GLOW is one of those shows that nobody I know watches so I have no one to talk about it with. Which is surprising, because it’s on its third season on Netflix and it deserves much more recognition than it’s gotten. Based on the true story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (get it, G.L.O.W.?), the show is a fictionalized look at the original show, complete with outrageous 80’s fashion with frizz to match. 

I’m especially fond of the show’s approach to tackling difficult issues—from the difficulties of being a single working mother, to an episode that is reminiscent of the Harvey Weinstein accusations, GLOW addresses a variety of situations that women encounter in the workplace (whether that’s a ring or a desk). One of my favorite scenes from season three, involves one of the women asking for a raise. Watching the scene, I realized that this was the first time EVER that I’ve seen a woman asking for a raise in a show. I honestly found it to be an amazing learning opportunity and a huge encouragement for taking the reins in my own career.

Run, don’t walk to your couch and put this on. I won’t judge you if you binge all three seasons at once.

Recess CBD Seltzer cans
via Recess

Recess CBD Seltzer

I’ll admit, I was a CBD skeptic until recently. I’d heard varying accounts from influencers and friends so I wasn’t ready to take the leap myself, especially since so many of the tinctures are on the price of high-end skin care products.

When I was offered the opportunity to sample Recess’ CBD seltzers at a Sofar concert, however, I jumped on the chance. And I was pleasantly surprised with the effects. I would equate the experience to drinking a beer—the effects slowly wash over you but you end up drinking a lot of liquid before you really feel anything. That’s not to say that it was reminiscent of alcohol in any sense, it was more like the calming drowsiness after eating too much cake for dessert. 

It’s something I’d definitely like to try again. At its current price point of $30 for a six-pack sampler, it’s on the higher end of specialty beverages. With products like Kin joining the market, I can see Recess and others like it becoming replacements for alcoholic beverages.

via The Good Trade

The Good Trade’s Newsletter

As social media algorithms continue to make it more difficult to actually see the content I want when it’s published, I’ve found myself turning more and more to newsletter subscriptions. One of my absolute favorites is The Daily Good from The Good Trade.

This daily newsletter offers bite-size pieces of inspiration every morning. Divided into sections by type of content, there’s typically a recommendation of an artist or podcast, an account or newsletter to follow, and an article to read. The suggestions are centered around sustainability and conscious living with a focus on women’s lives. I look forward to opening it everyday in my inbox.

Billie Razor Body Hair Campaign
via Billie

Billie Razors

I’m going to be honest with you—okay, more honest than usual—I didn’t think the Billie razor would make this list when I first tried it. I was a Dollar Shave Club loyalist for a couple of years but the cotton candy colored handles and ultra-relatable Instagram ads beckoned to me. DSC’s recent price increase was the only excuse I needed to make the switch. I mean, really I’m just supporting a women-focused brand so it’s the ~right~ thing to do, right?

Fast forward to when my starter package arrived. I was instantly charmed by the playful, millennial packaging (does packaging have any bearing on quality? Can you blame my millennial heart for being a sucker for well-executed aesthetics?). Comparing Billie vs. Dollar Shave Club, I wasn’t thrilled with the feel of Billie’s plastic handle. It’s significantly lighter than DSC’s sturdy metal one and I ended up with no shortage of nicks my first couple of times shaving as I adjusted to the feel.

I’m glad I stuck with it for a few weeks because let me tell ya, this razor is the real deal. Whereas I thought the bulky head would be a pain to maneuver (it still kind of is) the built in lotion bars have essentially made razor bumps a distant memory. I have extremely sensitive skin and typically get irritation every time I shave. But not with Billie. I don’t think it’s hyperbolic to say that this is the best razor I’ve ever used. I’m a convert and you can pry my Billie razor from my cold, hairless fingers.

via Instagram (@koketit)

Shira Brazilay (@koketit)

I started following Israeli artist Shira Brazilay (@koketit) on Instagram and I’m SO GLAD I did. She transforms fellow artists’ photography with her abstract line creations and the results are incredible. Much of her work features femme bodies and faces layered carefully over clothes, clouds, and even other women. I’m definitely planning on adding one of her prints to my (future) gallery wall.

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