Netflix’s Bridgerton is the Horny Eye-Bleach We Need to End 2020

I‘ll preface this post with a warning that I spent the ages between 12 and 14 devouring Jane Austen’s every offering and Emma remains one of my favorite novels of all time. I definitely spent my coming-of-age years lusting after Mr. Darcy and fantasizing about a man in jodhpurs with a British accent sweeping me […]

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. Maya Angelou

Kitty Hawk Pier Painting by Taylor Williams

Things I Like: Slow Factory, Ninth House, & Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Life is weird right now. I’ve stopped replying with a habitual “good” when someone asks how I am. I’m forcing myself to be a lot more honest—with what I want, with the person I want to be, and the world I want to live in. I’m also trying harder to find everyday joys. Whether that’s […]

Things I Like: AHA + BHA Peel, ClassPass, & Milanote

I started typing 2019 for the title so evidently that’s where my head is at. This month, I’m focusing on sticking to the intentions that I set at the New Year by building daily rituals. There’s also a few things that piqued my interest so far and I can’t stop thinking about them. Here they […]

Do We Really Need a Personal Brand?

I was shopping for a coat. A wool coat. The kind with an upright collar, which it turns out, is called a “funnel neck.” Or more simply, a “high collar,” although this entirely depends on which site or sartorial source you encounter. I was shopping for the kind of coat that says, “Here I am” […]

I never knew what I wanted to do, but I knew the kind of woman I wanted to be. Diane Von Furstenberg

Girl, We’re Women Now

I recently attended the stateside launch party for Issue #12 of Riposte magazine, an independent publication founded in London and championing issues from social media self-care to disability funding with a decidedly woman-focused voice. I serendipitously discovered Riposte through Instagram’s algorithm and was thrilled to see they would be holding their launch the subsequent week. […]

Things I Like: Billie Razors, The Good Trade, & GLOW

September…September…what’s exciting about September? The most monumental thing so far was a full harvest moon on Friday the 13th (the first one in thirteen years, crazy right?). Also, I missed Elizabeth Warren’s speech in Washington Square Park because I scheduled it for the wrong day on my calendar. Which is one of the few pitfalls […]

Things I Like: Microneedling, The Goldfinch, & Workin’ Moms

August is that month that makes you desperately wish for fall. The trash is ripe on the curb, Summer Fridays are coming to an end, and you still haven’t managed to get a tan. BUT there are some ~exciting~ things this month. From Netflix adding more binge-worthy seasons, to new recipes, there’s plenty to be […]

book cover showing orange sunset over river framed by trees with a person on a canoe

Things I Like: Feetures Socks, Where the Crawdads Sing, & Ingrid Goes West

We’re halfway through the summer and this is what I’m loving so far. On Hulu: Ingrid Goes West (2017) I first heard about this movie on Reddit. It’s two years old, so I’m not sure if I’m behind or if it didn’t have a wide release. Regardless, I’m glad it came on my radar. If […]

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